EMB-No Dinnero! / Jokes of the Unemployed

1. How much for this lamp?
2. Oh! you have good taste,
it's a limited edition model.
With discount, only 2000 Euro.
3. Can I borrow from you?
I forgot my credit card at home.



1. Have you read War & Peace ?
2. I have seen the moovie.
3. Have you seen Matrix ?
4. I have played the game.


Old Farts from the Information Era

1. Poor Luana, i was browsing trugh her albums...
Did you recive the invite to the funeral?
 2. Yup, but i marked maybe,
my webcame is kaput and on the net
you find only drivers for the new ones.
Fucking new tehnology..
3....How many friend you have left?
4. Not many...


Le pays des puttes

1. Romania is te country of sluts with soul!
2. Cool!
3. No, it's not!
5. You need to have money
and to love them!
6. Oh

old romanian saying

And so, i fucked a horse in the pussy...
(something like: and so i screwd up,
or just an absurd situation)

War of the sexes - Razboiul stelelor

2 Criminal Pussyes
I piss on you! / I kill you!

2 Criminal Cocks
I fuck you in the mouth! / I fuck you in the ass

DREAMS are made of these - somme

 RailwayMan Dream

Shoemaker Dream

 Hardcoreman Dream

Plumber Dream

FairyMan Dream

My Dream


Happy Easter!!!

-Jessus has resurected
-True He did!
-What do we eat?
(romanian custom dish for easter)
(can also be served with rabbit)

EMB Hypster Grampa FEAT: Polly - Trasher Superstar

ENG: "To the Police of Bucharest 1'st Sector:  I am here by reporting a neighbour who is feding the piedgeons:" OST H...