All Is Mud

1. Life is shit! 2. Come on, is not that bad...
3. Pf! 4. Life is nice Bro! 5. It's shit, I tell you! Don't you see what is happening around you? 6.???
7. Well yeah, that's it, you are space cookie! Can't you see the Americans coming? All you do is think of fish eggs and worms. You don't realize what they are up to ?!? 8. A... Coca -Cola? 9. Cola, Fanta, Sprite, they have the nerve to invade any country they like, and nobody is saying a thing. They have the guns, others are not allowed to, so they are the big sherifs!
10. They will suffocate us all with fast-food and happy-end movies. 11. Au! wtf man, you hurt me. 12.  Sorry bro, I didn't realise... 13. Wath is it with you? 14. My girlfriend left me... 15. Oh..

EMB Hypster Grampa FEAT: Polly - Trasher Superstar

ENG: "To the Police of Bucharest 1'st Sector:  I am here by reporting a neighbour who is feding the piedgeons:" OST H...