Ro Expressions: Devil to Comb You!

Its kind like "The hell with it!/with you",
like it's pointless to continue,
the stuff is to complicated


Ro Expressions - Drinking

Drinking is good, only if you can stick to it.*
* mot-a-mot translation is: if you can hang on to it


Ro Expressions - I feed whater to your mill

* It's like when someone gives You material
to continue your bla-bla, or whatever you are doing.
Like putting more wood on your fire ...


Bucharest coming out of winter

Bucharest was covered this year in heavy snow.
The snow has transformed into ice and started falling from the rooftops.
One person was killed. Parked cars were smashed.
The solution to all this?  "Beware - Falling ice and snow!"

EMB Hypster Grampa FEAT: Polly - Trasher Superstar

ENG: "To the Police of Bucharest 1'st Sector:  I am here by reporting a neighbour who is feding the piedgeons:" OST H...